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Pexip Cloud two ways to get Free Virtual Meeting Rooms

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 22, 2018 11:10:35 AM / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

At Close we offer two Free Virtual Room test plans

Free 14 Day Trial

The 14 day trial is just that 14 days to trial a personal room

- You get unlimited meetings and attendees during the period and the only features not included are the advanced dial out facilities that come with the Video class of room.

- Trials are limited to one per company and multiple trials from different emails fall foul of the free trial abuse policy as you'd expect. 

Freemium IT Test Plan 

The Freemium plan is different in that you get ALL the advanced features as the product has been designed by IT teams to test.   

Close Global, Freemium Summary Features (1)

So Freemium is basically Pexip in the Cloud based on Azure Servers FREE for you to test as much as you like.

There are no charges, attendees are limited to 3 and the meeting time restricted to 30 minutes per meeting. You can have unlimited meetings.  

The whole purpose of Freemium is the complete reverse of other offerings as its NOT the basic product enticing you to buy like most if not ALL other offerings. This is the most sophisticated bridge with its own dashboard and reporting suite that enables you to see exactly how you product is performing.

We'll briefly cover the Features here so you have a reference point but the full Instructions Guide is located here Freemium_introduction_and_user_guide 

FreemiumVmeetonanyplatformv4The Basic features you'd expect but there's a key point for IT folk that we need to mention straight away and that's the Pexip engineers have designed the product to be Frictionless for end users and IT teams alike.

What is the frictionless approach and what or how will it help me? Well its simple the product requires no downloads or plugins to work which saves a major headache for IT teams and end users alike. We call this approach the Native approach and Pexip have used this consistently throughout their software engineering architecture.

Close global, Native to any platform or device 

We believe this Native approach saves many headaches and unintended accidents which have traditionally restricted Face to face meetings on video which should not be overlooked. 


freemium_video_iconThey start with the ability to have meetings between and across any device and any platform, video, browsers, Skype for Business and any Video APP.

This should not be underestimated and its the widest example of any device and any platform capability, meaning IT teams can think about connectivity beyond their boundaries and firewall to suppliers, customers, partners and contractors.


freemium_screen_share_iconScreen Share 

This is the No 1 feature and means not only do you get face to face video but video streaming of content. This is critical in Microsoft Skype for Business where VBSS, video based screen sharing is enabled. No more sharing content, especially video and seeing a jpeg snapshot every second, this is a video stream in its own right for content making it the best quality you can get.


The recording feature is huge meaning you can record from your scren in a single click a cross platform meeting, saving note taking, daft questions etc etc.

We store the content for 24 hours in your dashboard then its erased.



For those platforms like browsers and Skype for Business that support chat you can chat across platform sharing links, head ups etc.

This facility is really handy if someone has enabled their camera or its still connected to another session and they need support.


freemium_streaming_iconStreaming Content 

Streaming to a Youtube or private webcasting studio is a simple set up feature in your room, or you can simply dial the streaming service once the meeting starts. Either option saves you hours of studio time and means you can quickly assemble a library of video content that colleagues can consume. 

Its worth remember Google loves video so for those that want SEO ranking in google this content is priceless.


You can extend the streaming to YouTube so that your meetings get posted directly to a private Youtube channel for ease of access and storage.   



freemium_dial_out_iconDial Out 

We then get into the more advanced features that you can access from the advanced icon on your close web browser as a host. You have to be logged into Close to use these facilities. Dial out enables you to dial out to Skype for Business or Video Units from your meeting on the Fly. Simple enter their email or SIP address and press dial. 


freemium_drag_n_drop_iconDrag N Drop and Auto dial.

Your room or A ROOM can be set to auto dial any address when its activated by the host. Some IT folk have used this to bring Video units into Skype for Business sessions using drag n drop. 

They simply set up a virtual room with the video unit address This is created as a Microsoft contact in the directory. When you want to bring the video unit into the meeting you simply drag into the meeting. 

Close Global, Drag and drop your cisco to skype for business room 

Drag N Drop in this instance has several advantages.

1. The Skype for Business user is using native Skype for Business workflows, they know how to Drag N Drop.

2. The Video Users does nothing (as long as its turned on) they simply walk into the room.

This is ideal for lawyers, accountants or any business that invested in legacy video units and wants to sweat the asset without heavy GROUP LICENSE costs from those video vendors!

So Thats FREEMIUM, The next blog will talk about Microsoft and how Freemium helps test advanced and native features to give you a frictionless face to face meeting.

Close, Microsoft Freemium  


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