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Pexip Cloud services on Azure hosted servers

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Simon Hunt


 Pexip is a module on the Close Platform that delivers the key any device any platform interoperability. 

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The platform uses the very best in breed and Pexip is the best for a number of reasons, starting with their pedigree.

The team comprises the same engineers that developed the Tandberg Video product and the Cisco VCS firewall and as such have years of experience in this field.

Talk to Pexip and they position themselves as the Swiss of the Video world sitting in the middle making sure everyone can talk to each other.

Pexip have worked closely with Microsoft much to the latters initial surprise the ensure that the customer journey inside Microsoft's flagship products had some unique qualities.


SFB Native low res

The First being the native, no software, no downloads and no plugins features that mean that you have no end user practices or workflows that need to be changed.

This is key for driving adoption within large Microsoft deployments.

This is one reason Pexip is certified for Microsoft Skype for Business On Premise, Cloud and Teams. 



The certification for all three products gives the IT director/ Manager peace of mind when selecting a solution as they have a clear migration path with one solution. 

For us on the Close platform we are therefore able to cater for any requirement be it:

  • Overflow from on premise 
  • Skype for Business Cloud based Virtual Rooms 
  • Skype for Business Gateway capacity 
  • Or downstream Teams requirements 



5D Any Platform (1)The key for the IT folk considering their options is Any Device and Any Platform interoperability or Face to Face meetings without having to worry what:

  • Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Customers 

May have at their end.

In essence the days of worrying for the IT team are over in this area as long as they select the right solution. 


Pexip Cloud


That's not where it ends though with Pexip, They have worked with the engineers at Microsoft & their Azure team to ensure the solution deploys on Azure Virtual Machines.


This gives the solution even more power for a number of reasons:

  • 54 countries that data centres can be activated in. 
  • Dynamic provisioning so there are no capacity thresholds.
  • We literally scale servers up and down on demand.
  • Azure security. 
  • That's on top of the AES 128 byte encryption
  • An Azure network that hauls back traffic.  
  • Sovereign data protection 
  • No meeting traffic is stored by the solution it is simply signalled across the cloud.
  • The only things that are stored are the rooms you meet in, each of these has pin access security. 



We'll talk more about the scope of commercials later however pricing is at:

Free Test rooms are available at:



















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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

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