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Simon Hunt

 Pexip Cloud Services Pricing from Close has at the heart of it Flexibility.

The Flex pricing has a number of options that have designed in flexibility to give the customer maximum value.


The free services are two fold

- The free trial - as 14 day all you can use personal room as much as you like. 

Free trial sign up - no card required just an email address.

- Freemium is a "video class room" with all the advanced features, limited to 3 attendees, 30 minutes meeting time.

This is designed for IT manager and teams to test the most advanced interoperability without cost. 

Whether you want to drag and drop video units into a Skype For Business meeting or Record or Stream a multi platform meeting its all free within Freemium. Again sign up is email only. Freemium Sign Up

Vmeet.Close - ValueLadder

These are the Entry levels then your Options split into:-

- Pay As you Go

- Subscription 

Pay As You Go is literally that, no subscription costs or set up fees AT ALL: 

20p a minute for video attendees 

2.5p a minute for audio attendees 

The teams using pay as you go tend to be large Skype for Business requirements where the IT Manager wants:

- Native Skype for Business functionality with no plugins or downloads 

- A single solution for all employees

- No cost for low volume users unless they use their external connection virtual room

Close global, freemium_screen_share_icon

Screen share

This is the Entry Share you screen to any browsers, video or Skype for Business users. 

It's Webex with more connectivity, ie to any device and any platform. 

There are two levels of subscription depending on the guest numbers required.

Personal Rooms - Single Host multiple guests

These start at £19 a room for 5 guests, have full video interoperability to connect to any device and any platform for face to face meetings.

Recording, screen share and chat are all built in.   


Team Rooms - Multiple Hosts Multiple Guests

These are ideal for Teams to share, HR teams, Sales Teams, Marketing Teams.

They are a cheap way of giving a team access to the facility with the cost per host at £8.90 a room a month.

They are very economical if you simply think of it in petrol terms, 20 miles travelling avoided in a car and you have saved your subscription for the month.

Video Rooms

These are the full fledged every feature included room, normally assigned to either a meeting room or video enabled device on a 121 basis.

They have all the functionality of a personal room, with Dial Out and Auto dial Out as well as drag and drop. 


Drag and drop your cisco to skype for business room


This is the ideal tool for Skype for Business and meeting rooms with video equipment as you can create a seamless customer journey for the users:

- the Skype for Business user drags the virtual room (listed in the Microsoft Outlook directory) and it auto dials the video unit.

Full Price List

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Simon Hunt

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