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Microsoft True Collaboration using the Pexip Cloud

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 27, 2018 8:45:31 PM / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

3D Communication With Skype for Business is a great tool:

  • The ability to hear discussions
  • The ability to share images 
  • The ability to see and sense body language 

They have made a big difference however this blog is about going further to:

  • 4D any device communication , video units, audio attendees from any country, Video APP users, browser based attendees, combining and sharing information in face to face meetings with any familiar device.
  • 5D any platform communication,Google Hangouts,Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, Cisco, Apple, Polycom all being able to have face to face meetings with each other, totally meeting flexibility.     

Close Global Your Office Solution Lower Quality

However, the True benefit of 4D and 5D communication is what we call True Collaboration:

  • Face to face meetings on any device and platform
  • Connecting not just internally but with your companies eco-system of suppliers, partners, contractors and customers.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by innovating internally and externally together, using cross platform and cross device face to face meetings.
  • Using all the senses to communicate but gaining productivity from not travelling but clicking a mouse to meet face to face with whoever you need to collaborate with.

However for example the guys who invested in Skype for Business need not reinvest in more tools or change any workflows.  

Close Global, Skype for Business Face to face meetings.

Microsoft True Collaboration, as long as you choose a Microsoft Certified partner can be very easy for a number of reasons we will now cover briefly:

SFB Native low res


Native solutions require no software to download to extend Skype for Business to any device or platform.



Close Global Skype For Business no plugins low res


No plugins

To slow laptop and desktop start times.

Or complicate IT corporate plugin Builds

Close Global Skype For Business, no new workflows  No new end user workflows to learn or get hung up on. 

 So they're simple to use and drive adoption and therefore easy for the skilled IT manager to deliver a powerful extended True Collaboration answer using Skype for Business as the basic platform.


Skype For Business True collaboration extended

True Collaboration is not just about meeting face to face across devices and platforms. It's about unlocking the productivity gains across your eco system, reducing travel and the whole company being able to move faster, making better business decisions, faster, together.



So Remember True Collaboration from Skype for Business is going beyond the company, using native solutions to extend the reach of face to face meetings to customers, suppliers, contractor and partners on any device and platform.



SFB face to face true collaboration low res






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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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